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Make full use of Gantt chart to earn profit in the shortest time

What is “Gantt Chart”?

As shown in the image below, the horizontal axis shows time and the vertical axis shows members and work contents, and the work start date and work completion date information for each process and task is displayed in a strip graph. In the manufacturing industry, In the manufacturing industry, your boss often ask you…

  • What is the expected schedule for !?
  • What is the actual management for !? Have you ever been told such a thing? Lol

Reference source: “Instagantt”

Procurement & Purchasing man who use Gantt charts can be said to be nice buyers who have a good feeling of using IT tools. In fact, have you ever felt the gives up when it comes to managing with Excel?

Because … The schedule is undecided! ! ! ! Too bad! ! ! !

(Such an entertainer used to this word …)

That’s a joke, but the reality of the manufacturing industry is that the schedules really change. Rather, it is the style of all work. If you use Excel for actual management, you may not be able to cope with the storm of changes, and finally the actual management that you made almost will be not change from start.

Anyway, you can easily and flexibly respond to changes, and if you share only the URL without breaking the layout, each one can get the latest information. Of course, there are some usage fees (often a paid subscription pattern), but why not consider investing in them to save money and save profits? Given that the time that people move is money, there is no reason not to introduce it.

7 recommended Gantt charts selected by NEWJI MARKETING TEAM!

Standard Team$7.90/月
Advanced Team$12.45/月
Single User$7/月
Multiple Users$5/月
Zoho Projectsスタンダード¥300/月



Introducing NEWJI MARKETING TEAM recommendations!

●Jooto jooto is a Gantt chart tool that can be used in the cloud, and its operability such as drag and drop on the browser is attractive.

In jooto, various information such as the progress of the project and the overall image of the tasks are visualized, and it is possible to grasp at a glance. Information can be centrally managed because it can be linked with task management tools and schedule management tools.  In addition to being able to invite and delete business partners and external partners as well as within the company, collaboration can be maximized.

NEWJI Gantt chart tool used inside and outside the company!

●Zoho Projects Inside NEWJI, we are struggling to make full use of Zoho. I haven’t used Zoho Projects in earnest, so I’d like to use it steadily in the future, but I will share the impressions that I tried with the team and touched personally.

Anyway, since it can be linked with other Zoho systems, task management can be performed almost automatically and smoothly if the settings can be properly done! Yes, depending on the setting! ! w Since there is a free period, even manufacturers who have not used it can register it once and touch it with their own browser to feel the ease of use. There are various functions included, but why not start by trying only the basic functions?

How to use NEWJI recommended Gantt chart!

We introduced some Gantt chart creation tools, but We will share how to use Gantt chart that NEWJI usually uses, how to actually use it.

Management of projects with fixed deadlines

Most projects have a fixed deadline. Delayed delivery times and poor quality control can lead to huge losses. In order to carry out the project on time and with sufficient quality control, it is necessary to plan the project. Use the Gantt chart in such cases. In addition, by starting and executing the project plan, we can feel the following advantages.

(1) Validity can be confirmed at the planning stage

First of all, the schedule, personnel, work man-hours, and order are assigned on the Gantt chart. We recommend that you first create the outline of the plan itself. By doing so, it has become possible to verify whether the man-hours for each person in charge are appropriate, whether the work process sequence is optimized, and whether it is on time for delivery.

(2) Members can share work processes and schedules at the start

It is possible to visualize the man-hours / schedule for each work process and the person in charge on the Gantt chart. By using the visualized information, the manager can easily inform the members of the information and can give the best next instruction.

(3) Used for project progress management and visualization of progress after start

The Gantt chart is useful at the planning stage and at the start, but of course it can also be used for daily project progress management. This will also help address the first change.

Each task can be checked on the process chart of the Gantt chart, making it easier to understand the gap between the plan and the current situation based on the visualized progress status.

In this way, NEWJI also makes it easy to check the progress and plans of each project, and visualize and organize the schedule by using the Gantt chart. This Gantt chart is NEWJI’s default fanction.

A tool that allows you to check back and check the management status in chronological order at a glance even when all projects are completed!

That is the Gantt chart! Last but not least, it’s the Gun Chart that people often mistake! Correctly, it’s a Gantt chart!

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